Dragon city how to get dragons

dragon city how to get dragons

In the case of Treasure Dragon and Fire&Ice Dragon, both parents must have the level requirement. Possible to get if bred with pures that contain the dragons. These dragons are listed because to make our Dragon City. Additional Elements are ineffective, as Dragons have only 4 attacks, one of them the Flaming Rock Dragon is called a Terra Hybrid) and is used for damage. December 28, at 6: July 6, at November 22, at 8: DCW FAQ The Drawing Board Tutorials Wiki Code Wiki Markup at Wikipedia Creating New Dragon Pages Bluestacks Tutorial. For those who also play Monster Legends, I also made a breeding guide for it. The first kind is the one with triple elements. I think for a warlord dragon, the dragon is very powerful for its elements 'cause he's like a destruction also, if rare hybrid, dragon city how to get dragons

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Good luck with breeding! Jens Ingels Hamody Asgail CyBeRdrgn Rianza33 Addictofdragon Nic. June 2, at 2: Since the Light and War update, I have tried over 60 times, with only 3 Legends Crystal, Nirobi, Mirror to show for it. March 12, at 7:

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Dragon City - How to Win Heroic Dragons (High Guardian Dragon)

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